Scarecrow-a-palooza Driving Routes

Ossining Girl Scouts

2017 Scarecrow-a-Palooza


These two routes can be done individually or together, depending on how much time you have! Directions are provided to connect from Route A to Route B. (The total time to drive both routes together could take 1.5-2 hours.) Note: Do not drive and read these at the same time. Please have a passenger read the directions, for safety! If you would like a printout, see end for PDF file

Route A

1. Start at Ryder Park on Morningside Drive.

  • Troop 2648’s Daisy Girl will greet you at the entrance

2. Leaving Ryder Park, turn right on Morningside Drive and proceed to the end.

3. Turn right on Chappaqua Road.

4. Cross Route 9A and merge onto Pleasantville Road on the other side.

5. Bear right onto Pleasantville Road.

  • Look to your right at Osage Drive West to see Troop 2647’s Lila G. Scout and Troop 2034’s Mal the Crow

  • Keep an eye on your left at Wishnie Park to see Troop 2237's EMOJI and Troop 2238's Headless Horseman

6. Proceed through light at Ramapo Road and pass by Chilmark Shopping Center on your left.

  • Look left to see Troop 2045's Frederick and Troop 2295's Frankie and his Bride at Underhill Road

7. Continue on Pleasantville Road to the light. Turn left on Croton Avenue.

8. Take a quick right onto Sherman Place.

  • You'll see Arthur J. Jones Park on your left and Troop 1292's scarecrow Lumiere to greet you.

9. Continue straight ahead onto Park Place, and take it to the end.

10. Turn right on Pine Avenue.

11. At the end of Pine, turn left on Narragansett Avenue.

12. Proceed down Narragansett to Veterans Park. Turn right and proceed to the flagpole straight ahead.

  • Watch for two scarecrows ahead: Troop 2353's Auntie Autumn and Troop 2587's Violet the Fairy


To connect to Route B:

  • Drive around the Veterans Park flagpole and go back to Narragansett Road.

  • Turn right on Narragansett. At the stop sign, bear left and drive to the end.

  • Turn right on Croton Dam Road/Route 134.

  • At the light, turn left on Route 9A North.

  • Exit at Cedar Lane. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto Cedar Lane.

  • Proceed a short distance to see Cedar Lane Park on your left.

Route B

1. Start at Cedar Lane Park on Cedar Lane.

  • Troop 2229's JAWA and Troop 2293’s Pennywise will greet you at the entrance

2. Leaving Cedar Lane Park, turn right on Cedar Lane.

3. Go under the Route 9A overpass and continue straight ahead. Where Cedar Lane bears left, you should bear RIGHT onto Ogden Road.

4. Continue down Ogden Road to the end and turn left on Old Albany Post Road.

5. Turn left on Route 9. Proceed south.

  • Look right at the Old Croton Aqueduct and "Welcome to Ossining" sign to see Troop 2600's Rainbow and Troop 1307’s IT’s scary

6. Continue south on Route 9.

  • At the light at Cedar Lane, look to your left to see Troop 2341's Mummy of Liberty

  • A little further south on your right, look for Troop 2172's Sally at the corner of North Malcolm Ave. and Route 9

7. Continue south on Route 9 and turn right on Aqueduct Street.

  • Look for Troop 1209's Tower of Minions on your left, on the corner of Aqueduct St. and Route 9

8. Continue down Aqueduct St. and turn left on Ann Street.

9. Bear left onto Broadway and continue toward the Joseph Caputo Community Center on your left.

  • Check out Troop 2347's Scully and 1481's Headless Horseman at the Community Center

10. Continue up Broadway toward Route 9.

  • Check out Troop 2205's Angelica to your left, on the corner of Broadway and Route 9

11. Turn right on Route 9 and stay to the right.

  • -…and don't miss Troop 1298’s scarecrow Murray the Mummy or Troop 2294’s Ding Dong the Witch is Dead in front of the bank building

12. Turn right onto Main St. Proceed down Main Street and turn left on Spring Street at the light.

  • Look to your left to see Troop 1803's ELSA and Troop 1300’s Georgie in Market Square.

13. Continue driving south on Spring Street. Turn left on Everett Road and drive up to Route 9.

14. Turn right on Route 9 and look for Nelson Park on your right.

  • Two scarecrows greet you: Troop 2065's Widow Victoria and Troop 2342's Jackie O’Lantern.

15. Continue down Route 9 and turn right on Acker Ave., just after the Laundromat.

16. Take Acker Ave. to Spring Street. Turn right on Spring Street.

17. Continue a few blocks to Broad Street. Turn left at the blinking light.

18. Take Broad Street to the end and turn right on State Street.

19. Take State Street to the end and turn left on Main Street.

20. Proceed west (toward the Hudson River) on Main Street, crossing over the train tracks on a ramp. At the end of the ramp, turn left and go into the parking lot for Louis Engel Park.

  • Troop 2042's Queen of Glitter and Troop 1606's Dark Knight are waiting for you at Louis Engel Park (note: meter parking at the train station is free on weekends but requires a fee on weekdays)

21. Make a U-turn and continue north on Westerly Road. Go over the ramp at the end and turn right at the end of the ramp onto Water Street.

  • Look to your left to see Troop 2226's Rockin’ Robin at Snowden Park.

22. Turn left onto Broadway. Follow Broadway (note that it turns right at one point) and turn right on Brandreth Street (at a stop sign, near a triangle were Broadway intersects with Aqueduct).

23. Take Brandreth St. back up to Main Street and turn left at the light.

24. Take Main Street to Route 9; turn left onto Route 9.

25. Get to the right to turn right on Croton Avenue/Route 133.

26. Proceed up Croton Avenue past C-Town and Roosevelt School. Stay on Croton Ave./Route 133 and slow down as you approach the entrance for Route 9A, after the gas station on your left.

  • Check out Sammy Squidlips, Troop 2233's scarecrow, on your left, just after the overpass next to the "Welcome to Ossining" sign