Farmer's Market

Post date: Oct 22, 2013 12:04:49 AM

Farmer's Market, Sat., 11/16 & 11/25

Ossining G.S. sets up a table at the Ossining Farmer's Market and collects food donations for the Ossining Food pantry - Loaves and Fishes-Trinity Episcopal Church dinner served from 5-6pm for the Thanksgiving Holiday season. Shoppers donate bunches of carrots, bags of apples, squash, onions, etc. and we bring them over to the Trinity Episcopal Church for the Holiday dinner. We set the table at the church with all the produce and everyone receives a bag of fresh vegetables and fruit when they leave. It is nice for people to get some fresh food along with the cans of food.

It was very successful last year (we collected over 4 large plastic bins of food).