Food Day - October 24

Post date: Oct 1, 2012 12:10:39 AM

This is from Frankie Rowland at Community Markets - Elementary School age Troops - PLEASE RSVP BY 10/9. - 914-923-4839. I am finding out the Croton GS Community Director for Frankie and an invitation will also go out to Croton. Please sign-up early if your troop is interested.

This invitation was generated from Troop 2034 GS Pam Brigleb, Kara Milstein, Christine Kopera who are finishing the Sow What Journey.

We were hoping to do some sort of Food Day event with the Girl Scouts. Food Day is on 10/24and our Croton market runs every Wed from 1:30-6:30.

"Food Day is the nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food. More than 2,300 events in all 50 states took place on the first Food Day, and organizers intend for Food Day 2012 to represent an even bigger grassroots campaign for improved food policies. Food Day is October 24 every year.

Food Day brings together organizations and individuals working on food issues as varied as hunger, nutrition, agriculture policy, animal welfare, and farmworker justice. Some 2011 Food Day events were large in scale, such as a big festival in Savannah, GA, and a Times Square Eat In, attended by celebrities, chefs, and prominent food activists."

We thought perhaps elementary school, something where they could come to the market perhaps meet & talk with a farmer? Or, if they had some sort of activity that could be done at the market to help them obtain a patch we could work with them on that.

Thanks you for your help, please let us know...Frankie