Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt 2017

Try Your Hand at the Ossining Girl Scouts 

2017 Scarecrow-a-Palooza Scavenger Hunt!

Match these clues to their scarecrows. 

Check out our driving directions to find all the scarecrow locations around town! 


  1. A unicorn fairy princess. ______________________________
  2. Come see her if you need help with your fall leaf clean-up. ________________
  3. Now where did I leave my head? _________________________
  4. I’m from a tale as old as time. _________________________
  5. Their wedding was killer fun! _________________________
  6. An alicorn (unicorn with wings)        _____________________________
  7. A creepy BRIDE! _________________________
  8. I made a snowman come to life. ____________________________
  9. He will come “up” to greet you. _________________________
  10. I have lost my way from Sleepy Hollow _________________________
  11. This scarecrow is a house. _________________________
  12. I am wrapped up from head to toe. _________________________
  13. Violets are blue, roses are red. Don’t worry. I’m NOT under your bed. _________________________
  14. Ooie, Ooie, Oo went Georgie _________________________
  15. How troop leaders feel after each meeting…..pooped _____________________
  16. These scavengers sold R2-D2 & C3PO to Luke Skywalker in the first movie. _________________________
  17. I’m all wrapped up with a torch that glows. I can easily be found.  Ask the 4-legged.  They know. _________________________
  18. I have no skins. I’m only bones as you can see.  I wear a tutu so you know that I’m a she. _________________________
  19. You can find me night or day.  Near the train as you make your way. My neon glow shines bright as you come home at night. _________________________ 
  20. Slides, Swings, and Playing About, this is how all girl scouts start out. _________________________
  21. Ahoy Matey!  This scarecrow can be found sailing on the Caribbean. _________________________
  22. You’ll find me hanging with some friends in the pumpkin patch. _________________________
  23. Be careful of sewer drains when you go to the Haunted Hayride.  I am lurking about. ___________________________
  24. This scarecrow can fly up and down.  Granting wishes all around town. _________________________
  25. I tried to save Santa because Oogie Boogie was mean.  Jack & I won.  We’re the perfect Halloween town team _________________________
  26. My mom is a wicked villain  ________________________
  27. Over by the Aqueduct you’ll have Minions of Laughs.  A Gru-ling good time.   _____________________
  28. Glitter Glitter by the River sparkling so bright.  Just past a rainbow, with your horn to guide with light.  We are at the Hudson River, bring a jacket so you don’t quiver.    ________________________________
  29. Sitting in the park, she pines for her lost love.  ______________________
  30. This scarecrow “Rocks” some awesome green hair.   ____________________
Rose Marie Jost,
Oct 20, 2017, 4:07 PM